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If you are the proud owner of an above or below ground swimming pool, you will want to invest in a good professional swimming pool cleaner. We offer a variety of swimming pool services that include designing, building, cleaning, maintaining, and repairing your investment.

You will not find another company that offers such a vast selection of options with a reasonable price and dependable staff such as us. It is important to keep your pool clean, not only for aesthetic purposes, but to maintain the longevity of it and keep it safe and healthy.

You take extended measures to keep your home clean; it is just an important to keep all outside amenities maintained as well.

Professional pool cleaners are few and far between, and we know how important it is to take care of an investment such as this. If you want to feel like you are enjoying a wonderful day of vacation at the spa, it is important that you use the right amount of chemicals (such as chlorine) in your water to help maintain the pH. This is just one minute aspect of caring for your pool, for the water is not the only part that can get dirty.

The pump pressure, hose, filter, vacuum suction, ground and cover all need regular maintenance in order to sustain longevity. It is vital to have each part checked before you begin operation, and if a problem occurs to have it taken care of immediately.

Each part is interconnected and one faulty area can pose problems for others down the road. It may seem like a lot to do it on your own, so that is why we are here. We aim to provide the best professional service in the area for pool cleaning, restoration and repair.

If you engage one of those part time, unprofessional pool cleaners you are automatically asking for trouble. They will not have the selection of product that we do and they work with a robotic tone. You pool is just a job to them. To us, you are a person, and your pool is an investment that is important to you.

We make every effort possible to ensure that a professional not only cleans your pool, but that you are receiving the best customer service possible.

There are so many reasons why our company is expanding at the rate that it is. You want to choose us as your pool service provider. We have excellent reviews from past customers, we offer an extended collection of accessories and types of service, and we charge minimal rates for shipping.

You can call us for free answers to your basic questions at any time, and we can offer you suggestions to keep your pool running as efficiently as possible. We will be on time, and ready to offer you the best price on the competitive market.

If you are thinking of investing into a pool, make sure that you have the number to the best swimming pool cleaner in the area today. We will offer you the best service and price around. Don't settle for less- make sure that you choose our company for all of your pool service needs.

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"My pool was a mess initially. H20Speclist is very efficient as they solved my swimming pool pump problems in as little as an hour!"
Mr Jason Tan - Bukit Timah

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